Know About We1Win

We1Win is an all-in-one solution for a complete online betting platform, widely acclaimed as a leading brand in the casino industry. Established in 2006, We1Win has become the top online casino in Malaysia, and has expanded its operation across Southeast Asia in the past decade.

We1Win fulfilled every element or requirement that a player expected from an online casino, including trustworthiness and safety, a huge variety of betting games or events, plentiful promos and rewards, fantastic gaming interface and immersive betting experience.

We1Win gained its reputation by the acknowledgement from several authorities including the Macau government and the Cambodian government, as well as collaboration with the international top class celebrity, while recommending by thousands of social media influencers.

A Huge Variety of Games for Great Fortune

Welcome to experience all the popular and classic betting games you can imagine to exist in every online casino at We1Win. From the common table games to slot machines and jackpot lottery, we’re sure that few of these events matched your favour to try your luck.

  1. 4D Lottery – Win big with your lucky number
  2. Slots – Simply hit the spin button to win
  3. Live Casino – Better experience than the physical casinos
  4. Sports – Bet on hot football matches
  5. Poker – Player VS players for real deal
  6. Esports – Make a fortune in esports events
  7. Fishing – Shoot the sea creatures to win
  8. Promos – Unlimited benefits and bonuses
  9. Referral Plan – Invite friends and earn commissions
What Does The Best Online Casino Look Like?

A good online betting platform must fulfil the requirement of trustworthiness, reliability and safety. Do not join an online casino if you can’t find it trusted or safe enough to put your money into it. Also, it should provide all the basic and popular betting events, as well as plentiful promos and bonuses.

We1Win is widely renowned as the best online casino in Southeast Asia, not just providing all genres of betting games, we are offering tons of rewards, rebates, bonuses and cashback to all players over the time. Most importantly, our credibility and genuinity are top among the industry, giving you no worries to keep your money here.

What Are The Advantages of Online Casinos?
Online betting platforms have flourished over the past two decades. Compared to the physical casinos, online casinos give you far more convenience and comfortability to access it at home simply by using your smartphone with the internet.

Online casinos are also providing some sections that the land based ones don’t have, such as esports betting, fishing and sports booking. Nevertheless, online betting platforms give plenty of promos and rewards.

How to Sign Up as an Online Casino Player?
The registration procedure at We1Win is simple and quick, you just have to enter your name and contact number, set up a new password and you are officially a We1Win member. You may also sign up by connecting to your Google account.

How to Make Deposit in an Online Casino?
At We1Win, you can make a deposit with a minimum amount of MYR30. There are multiple methods available including bank transfer, e-wallet, DuitNow or crypto currency. A deposit process can be done in an estimated one to two minutes.

When Can I Withdraw My Money?
You may withdraw your money from your We1Win account anytime 24/7, with a requirement of at least one turnover after your first deposit. The maximum amount of withdrawal is MYR50,000 in one transaction, you may process multiple transactions to accumulate the amount, with a precondition that is allowed by the bank company.

Is That Illegal to Bet Online?
The legality of betting at an online casino depends on the national government law. For instance, the Malaysian government prohibited betting online, however, it didn’t stop the online casinos which were founded overseas to be accessed via the internet in the country.

Will My Money Safe in Online Casinos?
If the national government law forbids the operation of online casinos, it is crucial to find a trusted and safe online betting platform, as you may be unable to seek legal action to reclaim your money in case you have been scammed by a fake or ungenuine website.

How to Claim Bonus in Online Casinos?
We1Win offers enormous bonuses, rewards and rebates for all the new and existing players. You may click the Promo button on our homepage to check the promos available. The more bet and more times you play, the more bonuses you get regardless if you win or lose.


We1Win – Make Deposit in Best Online Casino Malaysia

The industry of online casino or online betting has flourished since the decade of 2010, along with the development of internet and network facilities, as well as the popularisation of mobile devices and computers.

Today, most Malaysians are able to access an online betting platform simply by searching on their phones and connecting to the internet via wireless network or mobile data.

However, here comes the issues which are concerned by every person who visits an online casino in Malaysia: is the online betting platform trustworthy? Will my money be safe after I make a deposit into the platform? Or even: Will I be arrested for playing in a Malaysia online casino?

Each player in an online casino in Malaysia has to make a deposit before they start betting on the platform. There could be a rule of minimum amount of deposit set by the online casino themselves, for instance, MYR30 for the new member’s first deposit.

As a new member in a Malaysia online casino, you are suggested to make a small amount of deposit in your account of the platform, to avoid being scammed or couldn’t withdraw your real money whether you haven’t started any bet or won a bet.

However, there are some tips to make your deposit have its best benefit. Almost every online casino in Malaysia is providing a welcome bonus or free money upon first deposit. For example, MYR30 upon a deposit of MYR100. Therefore, it is up to you if you wish to grab the free bonus by putting the required amount of money into your new account.

We1Win is one of the largest online betting platforms in Southeast Asia, as well as the most trusted and widely reputable online casino in Malaysia.

Here, you shall feel no worry to make any amount of deposit after you sign up a new account, with no less than MYR50 as our rules of deposit.

Our procedure of deposit making is simple and quick as you can complete it within one or two minutes, with the powerful security to protect your personal information including your bank details, e-wallet or credit card info.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win a great deal of fortune by putting a few dozen bucks only in the best online casino Malaysia!

There are various methods to make a deposit in an online casino in Malaysia. The most common ways are bank transfer, credit or debit card and e-wallet.

At We1Win, we provide multiple methods to perform a deposit process, including Bank transfer, online banking, QuickPay, DuitNow/QR, e-wallet and USDT.

Bank transfer and online banking allow all members to directly move their real money from their bank accounts to We1Win accounts, which cover all the bank companies in Malaysia such as Maybank, Public Bank, RHB, Hong Leong, AmBank, Bank Islam, BSN and others.

QuickPay and DuitNow/QR are modern ways of transactions where people can simply make a deposit by scanning the QR code and login to their related platform accounts.

E-wallet is another convenient choice to transfer money into a We1Win account. We recommend Touch n Go e-wallet (TnGo) which is the most common e-wallet platform in Malaysia. You can easily make a deposit or top up your We1Win account by key in your TnGo ID or by scanning the QR code with your TnGo e-wallet app. 

Nevertheless, We1Win, the best online casino Malaysia , even provide an option to make a deposit with cryptocurrency! We have USDT as our collaborating vendor, where you can perform a transaction from Tether coins to real money in a We1Win account.

There is a minimum amount of deposit required by every online casino in Malaysia, as well as a maximum amount limited by the platform.

We1Win set MYR3000 as the maximum amount for the first deposit of a new member through a single transaction.

We practise this to encourage the new signed up players to experience their fresh betting experience in a healthy and safe way, without spending a huge amount of funds before they get familiar.

However, as a new member, if you are confident enough and ready for a big deal, you may perform the second deposit and so on right after the first one to top up your account. Also, you are welcome to contact We1Win customer service to set your transaction unlimited.

We1Win, the best online casino Malaysia, introduced our mobile app to serve our members with a better user interface, better layouts and better gaming experience.

For Android users, you can simply download We1Win mobile app in the Android market. For iOS users, our homepage will guide you to download the app through a few easy steps.

By using the online casino Malaysia app, you will find that it is faster to access and login to We1Win pages, easier to start a bet in any game sections, eventually winning a game in a faster way!

The best online casino Malaysia always offer the best promotion.

We1Win are determined to serve all our players in a generous and friendly way, by frequently and constantly giving a lot of promos, bonuses, rewards and rebates.

For instance, we offer a welcome bonus as much as MYR800 to our newly signed up players upon their first deposit, with the requirement of certain turnovers.

There is also a daily bonus where you can collect real money for free by logging in your account to place a bet everyday.

For every gaming section including live casino, slots, sports betting, poker, 4D lottery, fishing and esports betting, each of them has different kinds of bonuses and rewards, make sure you grab the best promotion to maximise your benefit as a We1Win member!

There are approximately 30 to 50 online betting platforms in Malaysia, it has never been easy to spot the best one by considering various factors or elements.

Trustworthiness is surely the most important consideration to define the best online casino. If you can’t trust the platform, how could you place a bet or make a deposit without worrying that your real money might be gone or missing at any moment?

To determine a trusted and dependable online casino in Malaysia, you should check the platform’s profile and background before you get into it, for instance, when and where was it established, is it having any licences granted by official authorities in the gaming industry.

You should read the information of the online betting platform too, by reading its ‘About Us’ section which usually appears at the bottom of its landing page, to know about its user manual, terms and conditions etc.

Another way to find an online casino to be trusted or not is by surveying it around your friends. Also, if the online betting platform is collaborating with some famous celebrities as its spokesperson or brand ambassadors, this might increase its reputation too.

We1Win are widely regarded as the best online casino Malaysia, also one of the largest online betting platforms in Southeast Asia, operating not just in Malaysia, but also Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines.

We are collaborating with the snooker legend, Ronnie O’Sullivan as our brand ambassador from 2022. The sports icon who won the World Snooker Championships seven times, recognises our platform as a trusted and credible online casino.

Not just recommended by the world class great celebrity, We1Win are also collaborating with more than 3,000 KOLs in Malaysia, to approve that we are a widely reputed betting platform across the country as well as the region.

The legality of an online casino in Malaysia has been arguable since always.

The Malaysian government is prohibiting any activity of online casinos. However, there are still dozens of online betting platforms operating properly in the country, with thousands of players in many of them.

Since the Malaysian government doesn’t regulate or protect the online casino industry, it is very important for players themselves to ensure the safety and trustworthiness of an online betting platform.

People should check on the profile of the platform clearly before they start a bet, such as when and where it was founded or if it has an official licence, or survey it through the internet or ask around.

Feel worry no more and rest assured to start your betting experience at We1Win, the best online casino Malaysia. Here, we offer you the most secure environment to enjoy every game while keeping your money safe.

We1Win provides all the popular games that exist in all the online casinos in Malaysia, categorised by seven major sections.

Live casino has the most common games available in physical casinos worldwide, including Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Blackjack or 21, Roulette and Se Dei. We collaborate with more than ten software providers to have hundreds of live dealers to serve all players 24/7.

Slots are another popular gaming section which is one of the longest betting events in human history with more than a century. Nowadays, slot games have been more fascinating and mesmerising with various themes and symbols.

Sports booking or football betting is one of the Malaysian favourites. They love to watch football competitions while betting on their supported teams, making the match more exciting and breathtaking.

Poker is a card games event where players usually bet against each other. The most famous poker game is Texas Hold’em where players battle with their courage and mental skills.

The 4D lottery is where players bet on a group of numbers to win the prizes by matching it. 4D is also the only legal betting event in Malaysia nationwide, mostly operated by three major operators Magnum 4D, Sports Toto and Damacai. However, you will find it is much more convenient and profitable to bet 4D online at We1Win.

Fishing is a betting section which developed from the classical arcade games where people shoot sea creatures with guns and cannons. At We1Win, you stand a chance to win credits as much as 2,000 times by taking the targets down with your outstanding shooting skills!

Nevertheless, esports betting is a trending section in Malaysia online casinos, where people place a bet on the esports competitions such as DotA2, CS:GO, Mobile Legends, Honor of Kings, PUBG and many more.

Never missed a moment to grab all the promos and make a fortune in all the fascinating betting events by signing up at We1Win, the best online casino Malaysia now!

Join We1Win as a new member simply by a few steps in just a minute. Fill in your name, contact number and set a password, you are officially a part of We1Win community and eligible to enjoy all the benefits.

We provide a welcome bonus as many as MYR800 upon your first deposit, with the requirement of ten times turnovers. By logging in to play any game everyday, you can enjoy the daily bonus too.

The longer you stay with us, the more bonuses, rewards and rebates you will be surprised with! 

Any questions regarding We1Win? Don’t hesitate to ask us through customer service.

Our customer service is operating 24 hours everyday, all professional staff are ready to serve you and solve your problem. Even if you’re not a member yet, you are welcome to make your inquiry anytime so we can make it clear to you.

We1Win committed to be the best online casino Malaysia, continuously improving ourselves to serve our players in a most secure and comfortable gaming experience, while shaping our brand as the most trusted and reliable online betting platform across the region.

Play Now, Win Now, at We1Win.